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James Bond

*Best Movie Villain

Le Chiffre is a Classic Bond Villain., he keeps his poker face throughout the film, even his tells, like when he sweats can be a decetiful ploy to lure his opponenets into a false sense of security, and they are executed with perfection against his nemesis Bond. Casino Royale was the first Bond film ever to be shown in mainland China cinemas. This version was edited before being released, due to the reference to the Cold War. It was re-dubbed and new dialogue added during the poker scene explained the process of Texas Hold'em as the game is not as familiar in China.


One man man aims to destroy life on earth via toxins so that man can start again. He takes a chosen group of his followers into space to dock in one of his space stations. NASA forces are dispatched into space, and a vast laser blast fight ensues in space. Jaws, a character famous for his metal jaws, finds a female friend Holly who charms him with her pigtails and quiet nature. Pods are dispatched to the Earth and if they strike all life will end. Taking matters into his own hands, James Bond takes command of a space shuttle and heads toward the Earth to stop them.


A Russian Computer hacker gains the ability to activate a weapon capable of generating a vast Electromagnetic Pulse. With it all computer systems, and computer records can be wiped out. This would be the perfect cover for the ultimate electronic funds transfer ever. It would wipe out London and leave the world in a state of despair. James Bond in the movie fights his way into a Russian complex at the film's beginning. He has a partner who soon is captured and appears to be executed before his eyes. It appears James can not win. But then he pushes a crate of explosive canisters in front of the troops and slowly walks behind it. Then when there appears to be nothing more he can do, he hits a lever and metal containers go flying on the troops. He escapes barely and later would encounter his "partner" whom he thought died again. Goldeneye featured an incredible scene in which Russian troops shoot upward at James Bond and a female partner as they run through a military complexes. In another scene James Bond drives a tank through a major city as he utterly destroys buildings, and bridges. This is the first movie with the new James Bond, Pierce Brosnan. The new Bond brings a ruthlessness and seriousness that the James Bond franchise has not seen in some time.

Tomorrow Never Dies

In exchange for an exclusive media contract in China for 100 years, one of the world's leading entertainment companies, The Carver Entertainment Group conspires to create an event to propel a new Chinese leader into power. The old adage of giving the newsman the pictures so that he can generate the war is taken to a new extreme. Carver the head of the Carver Group actually designs his own situation and takes his own pictures to create his own war. The Global Positioning Satelite system is hacked into which allows a US warship to be sent off course into Chinese Waters. The plan is for it to appear that Chinese planes shot up the crew. Ultimately the plan is thwarted. James Bond has a new love in this movie, Carver's wife as played by Terri Hatcher.

The World is Not Enough

The movie begins with a great boat chase through a city. James is after a sniper who ultimately ends up in a hot air balloon before committing suicide. The head of a major oil company is killed via an electronic triggering device hidden on his shirt which activates explosives hidden on money in a vault he is inspecting. The daughter of this powerful tycoon had him killed so that she could take command of his empire. James at first has a fling with this girl but finds her style is a bit too much like that of a black widow to suit him. She teams with a villain known as Renard who is an anarchist that aims to create anarchy plain and simple by blowing up major pipelines and spreading radiation everywhere. This would make it so only his female accomplice's pipeline would be able to generate oil for much of the world.

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