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Judge Dredd

In a future America crime has become so rampant that the constitution has been suspended. It has been replaced by judges who walk the streets with the power to determine judgement and punishment for crime right on the spot. The judges are judge, jury, and executioner. The judges live by a very stringent code to prevent their misuse of powers.

Sylvester Stallone plays Judge Dredd one of the most famous Judges of all time. He is framed for a murder and put on trial. In the past he was a teacher of the Judges. His past pupils help to find evidence of his innocence. One criminal wrecks havock on the streets and acquires an illegal robot killer to aid in his pursuits. The movie ends with Judge Dred being proved innocent but not after much action and adventure. In Judge Dredd, Stallone does not act above the law because as he says "I am the law."

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