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Jurassic Park

Dinosaur DNA found via a fossilized mosquito spurs the creation of a vast scientific complex to study this DNA sample and all of its ramifications. One old man resembling Colonel Sanders from Kentucky Fried Chicken enivisions dinosaurs walking the earth again in a theme park for the whole family. He acquires a small island and produces a soon to be opened theme park named "Jurassic Park."

A team of scientists is flown in via helicpter to witness first hand the technological marvel acheived for the field of science. One of the scientists is a catastrophist who believes what can go wrong will go wrong. If it's possible "life will find a way" is his creedo. He is joined by a "hands on" female scientist that delights in dinosaur study up close and personal as she resorts to even analyzing their dung samples with her bare hands. Another minor male scientist and two children are also brought along. These visitors tour Jurrassic Park and meet its founder, its computer technicians, and even its game warden.

Dinosaurs have been recreated in all their majesty via DNA manipulation. When damaged dinosaur DNA strands are encountered, frog DNA is used as a substitute. All dinosaurs are created as females as a precaution to prevent unauthorized breeding. The Dinosaurs are coralled into gigantic computer controlled electric fence structures.

All appears to be perfectaly safe but problems do arise. One of the park's computer technicians motivated by greed, steals a dinosaur embryo and deactivates the park's computer systems to allow for his escape. With the park's computer systems down, electric fences meant to keep dinosaurs in their proper place no longer work, and Dinosaurs begin to escape.

In one scene a T-Rex chases the park's visitors who escape just barely in a prototype Jurrasic Park tour vehicle. The T-Rex it seems really can go 40 miles an hour on land. The T-Rex is unable to see unmoving prey, which the children of the film know. In another scene they just remain really still as a T-Rex eyeballs them while they sit motionless inside a damaged vehicle.

The bigger dinosaurs it seemed presented an even lesser danger to people than some of the smaller ones. Intelligent group oriented hunting beasts known as Velicoraptors hunt two children inside the park's complexes. They even push down a lever to open a door; it seems not all dinosaurs were born stupid. Hunting in pairs, jumping around they corner the children in one small kitchen and nearly kill them.

The film ends with velicoraptors surrounding the park's guests in a room of fossils. It appears all is lost, until the film's T-Rex busts into the scene and quickly dismembers the puny velicoraptors. The gigantic predator saved the day, and made for a most unique breed of hero. The film is famous for its effects, both computer generated and of puppetry.

The film is the best ever about dinosaurs as far as its realism and excitement. Rather than setting man wrongly into the time of dinosaurs as most previous films have, this film actually sets dinosaurs into the time of man. The power of genetic engineering and DNA proves to be a pandoras box that unleashes terror onto the island of Jurrasic Park.

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