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Karate Kid Movies

The Karate Kid

One boy, Daniel has troubles as he moves into a new neighborhood. It seems he can make no friends, his neighborhood is bad, and to make matters worse a bully from a local Karate school is determined to make his life hell. Everything appears to be hopeless for young Daniel until he meets an old oriental man in his neighborhood named Mr Miyagi. Mr Miyagi is a fix it man and it quick to determine that Daniel has problems. Mr Miyagi an expert in Karate agrees to train Daniel and nicknames him Danielson. Mr Miyagi is a trainer who focuses on disipline a lot. To teach techniques in blocking, anaologies to paitnting and waxing are used. Mr Miyagi has Danielson paint an entire fence to learn the techniques of blocking. Waxing cars and other work is also used to teach techniques at attack and blocking. Mr Miyagi's housework is now being done almost exclusively by Danielson. But Danielson wants to learn to fight and not just how to paint fences. After these basics are learned Miyagi proceeds to teach Danielson everything he needs to know. A powerful kick in which a person stands on one leg and then jumps in the air and kicks with the other is learned. Anyone who has tried this kick at home knows you fall right on your butt or watch as your leg is grabbed if you attempt this maneuver in reality. But it looks damn fine on screen. Danielson ultimately stands up to the bully that hasseled him at school, at home and everywhere else. He fights in a competition against him and wins. The film is one about determination and training. With such things at ones disposal success is almost always assured againt any adversary no matter how big or strong. The film features an excellent soundtrack and training scenes that have become synonymous with Karate itself. This movie is Karate, and has encouraged countless numbers of people to enter into Karate training to defend their honor or to aid in the disipline needed to succed in life.

The Next Karate Kid

Mr Miyagi after training Danielson so long ago, agrees to train a new Karate kid. The only catch is that this one is a girl. After her parents are killed in a car accident she comes to Miyagi for help. She is having troubles at school and is being hassled by a boy named Ned and a group named the Alpha elite. The movie features interesting training sequences but is no where near the cinematic excellence acheived in the first Karate Kid Movie.

Karate Kid 2

Mr Miyagi travels to Japan along with Daniel and encounters an old fling and an old enemy. Daniel attempts to woe a local girl and encounters a new enemy.

Karate Kid 3

One last tournament style competition occurs between Daniel and a villain he so hated in the first film. This time Daniel has a new trainer.

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