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Kickboxer Movies


Kickboxer was a Van Damn movie that showcased training in the old style as well as tournament fighting in the old style. In the movie Van Damn trains to fight and beat a man that has tormented a woman he cares for and his destroyed a town he believes in. In the movies final match between these two men, Van Damn wins of course, but much anger is fostered by the bouts loser.

Kickboxer 2

After losing the match in the first movie, Tao the fights loser kills the man that beat him. Van Damn's character was dead, and would have been too costly for any sequel anyhow. The movie picks up in America, and introduces one of Van Damn's character's brothers. He too is a fighter and one with a gym and training center. This man is played by Sasha Mitchell who played the character Cody in the Step by Step TV series. Later Sasha Mitchell was sentenced briefly to prision in real life for beating up his wife. In the film Sasha Mithchell is challenged by Tao the figher from the first film. It seems that after he killed Van Damn his honor was lost and can only be regained by beating the fighter's well skilled brother. At first Sasha Mitchell refuses but ultimately he agrees to the fight and ultimately wins. Sasha brings a brand of humor that was not as present in the first Kickboxer film with Van Damn.

Kickboxer 3

Sasha Mitchell continues to fight exhibitions from time to time as he did in the second Kickboxer movie. This time he encounters a fight promoter that wishes to make money regardless of the cost. After seeing how good Sasha is, he kidnaps him and prepares to work him to the brink of exhaustion so that he will be unable to win a planned fight against one of the promoters main fighters. The plan seems sound. Every method of work is used. In one scene a backpack filled with rocks is worn as Sasha runs up a hill. Afterwords he is offered a drink of lemonade and immediately throws it in the promoters face with the response "thanks I needed that." In the end the fighters are brought together for the big match. Even after being worked and exhausted the hero of the film still manages to win the match rather quickly and easily.

Kickboxer 4

The exact plot of this film I do not really remember all that well. It however is with the spirit of the second and third and was quite enjoyable.

A 5th Kickboxer movie was made but it starred a different lead character.

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