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Last Man Standing

This is one of the least popular Bruce Willis films, but clearly one of the most action oriented he has ever made. In the film, Bruce Willis plays a hit man during the age of Alcoholic Prohibition who is hired by one crime family to take out the other. After attacking one crime family, he is offered money by the other. He takes the money from both families and eventually faces the wrath of both families. Bruce Willis uses a unique two pistol attack method in this movie that is quite similar to that used in the Rise of the Triad computer game.

Shooting straight, spraying bullets everywhere, he devestates one small town of two rival crime families. Nothing it seems can distract him from danger. In one scene he is with a prostitutue and gets up instantly to his feet to battle assasins sent to kill him. The seriousness and discipline of the character reminds one of a well trained hunter. When all the chips have been counted, and all of the bodies have been laid to rest the Last Man Standing can only be Bruce Willis.

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