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The Last Starfighter

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Alex Rogan/Beta played by Lance Guest

Alex is a boy from a small town. With not much to do in town, Alex has one real entertainment; playing the Last Starfighter arcade game. He is the best in town and he knows it. Little did Alex know that this game is not really just a game but a test to find prospective pilots to defend the universe from the evil empire of Xur. Alex agrees to defend the galaxy and leave his home planet. In his place an android is left behind to fill in for him. The actor Lance Guest played the android as well who lacked emotional abilities and understanding of human social situations. When Alex reaches the alien world where he is to be a pilot he is told that there is only one starfighter left. Against a multititude of enemy spacecraft Alex Rogan and his copilot Grig alone defend the universe from the empire of Xur.

Maggie Gordon played by Catherine Mary Stewart

Maggie is Alex Rogan's girlfriend. When Alex travels into space to defend the Earth, Maggie is left with an android version of her boyfriend to attend to her. She ultimaely finds out and learns that the real Alex, her Alex is out in space defending the universe.

Centauri played by Robert Preston

Cenatuari is a recruiter in search of prospective pilots for starfighters; aerial attack ships being used to protect an alliance in space from the evil empire of Xur. To recruit pilots from Earth he places video arcade simulation games. The highest scorer of all time on the game is Alex Rogan. Alex is then approached and offered a chance to fly a real starfighter like in the game he was so good at playing. Centauri is paid a bounty for each pilot he recruits. Centarui is killed by a bounty hunter sent by Xur to kill Alex Rogan.

Grig played by Dan O'Herlihy

Grig is an alien warrior who becomes Alex Rogan's copilot on the Last Starfighter in existance. Grig is willing to fight to the end and has a unique sense of humor. When Alex Rogan says that one ship against the entire armada of Xur will be a slaughter Grig entertpretes that to mean that their one ship will be the one doing the slaughter. Grig knows a variety of unique techniques to outwit his less trained enemy opponenets in space. In one scene Grig instructs Alex to press the fabled forbidden button which causes their craft to rotate very fast in many directions while firing all at once. This destroys a slew of enemy fighters that otherwise would have killed Grig and Alex.

Lord Kril played by Dan Mason

Lord Kril is the right hand man of Xur. He is like a general of sorts that maintains and coordinates Xur's forces against the alliance that resists him. When Alex Rogan and the Last Starfighter attack his command vessel and his death is imminent he is asked by a subordinate "What do we do." Krill responds calmly "We Die." This quote illustrates Kril's by the book disciplined mentality even in the end.

Xur played by Norman Snow

Xur is the supreme comander of an alien force that has destroyed all of the starfighters that once were the instruments of good for a peaceful universal alliance. Xur aims for conquest and destruction and his name itself comes to represent the empire he is building and the terror it strikes in his enemies.

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