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The Last Starfighter

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General Sites cast and crew details, quotes, and links features a positive summary of the movie, along with a few pictures, and trivia details contains an image gallery and sound files

Wikipedia: The Last Starfighter - features plot summary, trivia details, and links.

Quizes and Trivia features a few tidbit trivia facts about the movie courtesy of the internet movie database features a collection of a few nitpicks or errors in continuity which are present in the movie. contains an examination of a single goof involving alien language knowledge in the film

Image Galleries contains two thumbnailed galleries of images from the film features five thumbnailed images from the movie a fan site for Catherine Mary Stewart who played the female lead in the Last Starfighter. Features images grouped by movie. contains three images of a fan built Last Starfighter Gunstar replica ship

Games and Sounds features large downloable wav files from the movie which are as large as 359K contains information and pictures about a prototype Last Starfighter game made by Atari.

Quotes features a collection of quotes courtesy of the internet movie database that were originally submitted by fans features a collection of a four brief quotes from the movie

Reviews Features links to 9 external review sites from the Internet Movie Database. Features links to 9 review sites courtesy of the Movie Review Query Engine

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