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The Long, Long Trailer

A newlywed couple played by Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz purchase a really long trailer and plan to enjoy their honeymoon in it. The movie features the title characters playing roles apart from those they played on the I Love Lucy show. Desi Arnaz plays a confident, practical man that is talked into the idea of a honeymoon in a trailer by his flighty wife.

The couple travels together pulling their trailer with a car really inadequate to pull the trailer in real life. In fact in one scene a different car entirely was substituted into the scene to pull the monster trailer up a mountain. Inside the trailer the wife attempts to fix dinner as everything moves about and things break everywhere. When the trailer's brakes nearly overheat it is discovered that the wife likes to collect rocks; big heavy ones which are weighing down the trailer.

In one of the funniest scenes of the movie an attempt to back the trailer into the driveway of an Aunt comences. Everyone encourages the driver husband to just keep on backing up as he runs over roses and nearly backs into a house. Backing a monster camper or trailer into a driveway really is an ordeal just like shown in this movie. People who don't pull trailers always think its easy, and they feel this way in the movie as well.

All of the comedic problems with the trailer climax with a gigantic hill like mountain that the huge trailer must overcome. The ending with the massive steep heights of winding mountain road really showcase what everyone experienced in camping learns rather quickly about steep inclines. That being that long trailers, and limited pulling capacity coupled with steep hills spell trouble to say the least. This movie should be required viewing for anyone purchasing a long trailer or camper. If shown at camper dealerships most people would probably be too afraid to buy a long camper or trailer at all for "vacation"

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