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Lord of the Flies

A group of wealthy schoolboys from an academy traveling via airplane crash near a deserted island. They swim for the shore and set up their own version of civilization. They set up a signal fire and at first tend to it faithfully in the hopes of being rescued. With time the boys splinter into two groups. One group lead by Ralph believes in society as they left behind. The other group lead by Jack believes in war, hunting, and survival of the fittest.

The groups compete for the assets they have on the island including a knife and a pair of glasses to start fire. Near the movie's end Jack's war group with their warpaint and spears is the dominant group. Ralph the peacemaker has but one follower left in his group, that being a porky glasses wearing nerd named Piggy which Jack and his warriors kill. As he is killed warrior Jack proclaims "We got it made. No Parents, no teachers, no academy, no girls.'"

The movie shows how society can break down in the wild. The naive weakling Piggy is killed despite his belief that "We did things the way grownups would have. Why didn't it work?" The diplomat Ralph can't hold together any sense of unity or hope within his group or the other. Everyone defects to the ways of the warror Jack and the meat which his group always acheives. Is this really what people are all about if civilized convenience and safety is removed?

If people can't just go to the local McDonalds to get food just who would they want to lead them; the civil politician or the militant hunter who obtains meat with ease? Amidst the prosepct of disaster people often do choose those of militant mindsets. The last 60 years of human history showcases this via Stalin, Hitler, and others. Lord of the Flies as a movie is based on William Goldberg's classic novel. Before this 90's movie version of the book there was another film version in 1963 as well.

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