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Jurassic Park 2 The Lost World

Once more dinosaurs are on the loose on a small island. This time the island will not be used as a tourist attraction and will instead be used mainly as a research and gaming locale. One group of humans payed for by the investors of the original Jurrrasic Park are dispatched to attempt to capture and herd the beasts. The group is lead by a seasoned hunter, who leads the group with caution and reason. The main hunter has one desire, that being to hunt a Tyranosaurus Rex. He leaves his group under the commnand of another while he goes after his prey. He captures one of the island's T-Rex offsprings and sets it up as bait. His bid to kill a T-Rex proves unsuccesful.

Another group of do gooders arive on the island and free the dinosaurs that have been captured by the other group. . This was done because they feel herding the animals to be later used as zoo pets is wrong. As the dinosaurs are freed they destroy all of the vehicles and equipment the group had. The do gooder scientists team with the hunters to attempt to survive. Instead of taking control of the dinosaurs of the island as planned, the group barely manages to escape disaster.

A T-Rex sneaks onboard a seavessel leaving the island and wrecks havock on a major American city before being destroyed. The film did have memorable effects just like its predecessor, but its story appeared a bit weak as compared to the first.

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