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Men in Black

Imagine if the world was inhabited by thousands of aliens. and within this world there exists a secret society, a governmental entity that keeps tabs on all the aliens and all the dangers that could destory the world before anyone else could even respond. In the Men in Black, the government has just such an entity. Two of its agents are played by Will Smith, and Tommy Lee Jones. Prowling the street they investigate strange phenomena and frequently search out tabloids for leads.

The movie begins with Will Smith traning to be an agent in the Men in Black. He passes every test perfectly even the shooting range, although he shoots at a bug like target that perhaps is not representative of alien enemies. But just how was Will Smith to know this? Will is given a trademark black suit and sunglasses and trained by the older experienced Tommy Lee Jones.

As they travel and meet trouble this pair has the ability to erase people's memories with a simple metalic device. The sunglasses of the Men in Black are meant to prevent the flash from this device from erasing the memories of agents. A crazed alien plots to end the world and the Men in Black will have to stop him or at least try.

In one of the more memorable scenes, the two agents go through a stash of weapons. A really small handheld weapon that chirps like a cricket is commented on by Will Smith. He worries he will break it. But later on he fires it and launches himself through the air as the gun has such a recoil that it nearly knocks out the person who shoots it. Also in the movie a car with a button that is never to be pressed just has to be pressed by younger agent Will Smith. The car launches through a tunnel at a dizzying pace.

By the movie's end the Men in Black have destroyed a gigantic bug creature, brought down a spaceship, and restored order to the universe. The aging agent played by Tommy Lee Jones chooses to end his career so that his apprentice Will Smith can take on his work. To retire from the Men in Black, part of his memory is erased and he emerges from his secret society and takes his place in the world. The movie features aliens in all shapes and forms, many are popular celebrities like Newt Gingrich. The movie features the theme song the Men in Black performed by Will Smith as part of the soundtrack and is a comedic Sci-fi spoof of the supposed Men in Black that are a staple of regular alien abduction folklore.

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