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Mission of Justice

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In one Californian city, crime is rampant, the community is in disarray, and the police are powerless. But the Mission of Justice, a youth organization keeps the streets safe via a network of trained volunteer peacemakers. But all is not well in this "Mission."

One ex-cop attempts to join the mission after a peacemaker helps him to stop a thief. He is presented with a challenge he must pass in order to be initiated into the mission. The challenge is "the gauntlet" or a simple walk past two lines of a dozen or more men all armed with weapons and more than willing to use lethal force. From a distance the challenge seems impossible. Opponents stand in fighting stance twirling, swinging, and showcasing attack technique with everything from sticks, to nunchucks.

Our hero is not intimidated by this challenge in the least and steps up to the plate eager to either suceed or take one hell of a beating. At first he progresses slowly and his attackers come out one or two a time to challenge but they are quickly silenced. He obtains a pair of fighting sticks off one of his fallen foes and fights off the next few attackers with it. The fight scenes with stick on stick action involving blocking and tremendous blows to the body just can't be described.

Progress continues until the last few steps where four or more attackers come out at a time. A dramatic flip is done and then as the film's hero reaches the end of the line it becomes apparent that all those meant to stop him are out cold. The hero then slowly walzes to the end of the line and meets with the mission's founder. This is the film's best action sequence by far.

Next the ex cop joins the front lines of the peacekeepers. Initially he is a tag along in essence for a veteran peacekeeper that seems absolutely loyal to the peacekeepers and the Mission's founder.

The film ends with the Mission being shut down for manipulative and criminal practices. But this part of the storyline is inconsequential as those who will like this movie will watch it for the incredible action sequences and not for its storyline.


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