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Mortal Kombat

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Mortal Kombat is of course based on the popular Mortal Kombat line of video games as most are aware. In the film, the video game storyline of Mortal Kombat is transferred to the big screen faithfully. Pretty boy Johnny Cage and Liu Kang serve as the primary heros while Sonya serves as the film's heroine. Raiden the mystical being from the video game serves as an all knowing prophet that sets the film's hero's on their quest. Scorpion, Lizard, and Subzero serve as agents of the evil power of the movie as welded by Shang Tsung.

The film begins with a Mortal Kombat match between Sonya and tough guy Kano. Kano taunts and toys with Sonya at first, in a seductive fashion. At one point Kano even pulls a knife on her. Sonya finally gets her famous scissor kicking legs into position and cuts off the air to Kano and he passes out. In the background the infamous "Finish Him" sounds and then its all over. Sonya in her tight sweat pant like outfit really does inspire the "watchful eye" of male viewers. That is the intention though after all isn't it?

Next the movie introduces the character of Raiden, the straw hat wearing wise man of electricity. He summons Sonya, pretty boy Johnny Cage, and Liu Kang and tells tells them that Shang Tsung the master of darkeness will destroy the world of the living if he is not found and stopped on his own turf. Raiden then sends the trio to the land of Shang Tsung.

The movie heros encounter multi armed Goro, Scorpion, Subzero, and the green costumed Lizard who serve as agents of Shang Tsung. It is ironic that Subzero and Scorpion are on the same side in the movie as they are mortal enemies in the game series.

Scorpion encounters Johnny Cage in a forest and says his "get over here" phrase. After saying this Scorpion reveals a metallic snake like device from his hands and then lets it loose. Johnny Cage takes off running as fast as he can. After the metallic snake reaches its maximum range, Scorpion recalls it and attempts to launch it again. At this point, Johnny Cage charges Scorpion and knocks him back with a drop kick. Scorpion is killed with great difficulty after an extensive hand to hand fight session.

The rest of the minions of darkness are killed largely by the technique of luck. Subzero is killed just by throwing water at him as the ice becomes like mini knives as it freezes and approaches him. Quite a sad ending to one of the more memorable characters from the videogame franchise. Lizard is killed but ressurects himself with the help of a rock based statue, and then he is killed again. Goro the multi armed beast is killed by knocking him off a cliff.

In the climatic end, Liu Kang fights Shang Tsung and the power of all the fighters he has killed before. The fight took on a somewhat magical and hooky apperance if one looks at it logically. But the fight sequences were right on the mark.

Mortal Kombat inspired a sequel but it is generally not held in very high regard by fans of the first movie or the video game. In comparison to other video game to movie adaptations (Super Mario Brothers and Street Fighter 2) this movie is quite good and really translates the theme of the game as well as can be expected from the film media.


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