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Never Been Kissed

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When people grow older they supposedly reach a state of maturity. They conquer their fears, realize their dreams, and experience relationships and achievements that have been worth struggling for all their lives. In Never Been Kissed Josie Gellar played by Drew Barrymore reaches a state of adulthood, and notices she has a good job but has never been kissed and never known true love.

Josie works for a newspaper as a reporter. She is given an assignement to research involving life in High School. Josie is disguised and sent into a High School as a teenager to uncover the scoops about teenage life, and school in general. Just what makes teens tick? Josie thinks back to her times in High School where she was known as Josie Grossie and could never win any boys or gain any popularity among any groups. Now it seems she will interject herself into these same situations again in search of a story.

Josie borrows her brother's car to go to school in because her luxury car just wasn't hip enough. Her brother Rob (David Arquette) decides to try the undercover teen student routine himself. He gets himself onto the school baseball team and attempts to relive his dreams of glory as a teenager, albeit a somewhat older one.

As all of this is happening Josie tries to figure out just what groups in school she can get closest too. It seems the geeks accept her best, and Josie can't get the popularity to even be able to associate with the popular kids. But Josie's brother the jock changes things by stating how he used to date Josie and how she was the best.

Peer pressure being what it is, everyone starts to believe Josie is the hottest thing in school. The popular kids adopt her more or less and she undertakes their rituals of makeup and fashion. In school Josie shows off her worldly knowledge to one of her English teacher's. Josie starts to gain a little crush on her teacher and all of her pent up desires for love almost reveal themselves during the early stages of this research assignment at school.

Finally the prom dance at school commences. Josie dances with the cool kids but before the prom ends she reveals her true age and purpose at the school. Josie also ruins her brother's chances of competing in a big game when she tells about her brother's age. The next day she writes a dramatic article about her experiences as a "teen" in school. In the article she invites the teacher she loves to see her during an upcoming sporting event. At the game the next day she then proceeds to read an artistic masterpiece describing her desire for the perfect kiss and the time in life when love is just there and you just know. She found this with her English teacher and just wanted him to know.

The movie ends with Josie experiencing her first kiss, and first true taste of love after rexploring life as a teenager and her life growing up. Even with success and money, the simple desires in life do not fade. The virginal Josie transforms herself and her life while enlightening the world around her via her article. To combine work and play into one adventure is quite an acheivement which not only makes for a good story but a good movie as well.



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