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Never Been Kissed

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Josie "Grossie" Geller played by Drew Barrymore

Josie is a reporter with a Chicago newspaper that has been assigned and undercover assignment. Her assignment is to pretend to be a student at a local High School and uncover what being a teenager really means in this day and age. Josie at first befriends a geeky girl named Aldys but later moves on to be among the cool girls of the school. Josie is infatuated by her teacher Sam Coulson and strives to experience true love with him as she hasn't yet even experienced a simple kiss in her life. In a climatic speech Josie speaks of the virtues of love which brings her dream guy Sam Coulson running to her. *Check out Drew Barrymore Photos and Posters

Rob Geller played by David Arquette

Rob is Josie's brother, a guy that works in a packaging store. When Josie comes to him all filled with enthusiasm about her undercover assignment as a teenager, Rob is quick to remind Josie of her nickname in High School, Josie Grossie. Josie has to borrow Rob's old car to drive back and forth to school because her luxury car is not a teen like car. Rob eventually comes to Josie's High School too and becomes a star baseball player on the school team, never mind he is far older than the other kids there. Josie ruins his big sport moment by telling everyone how old Rob really is.

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Mr. Sam Coulson played by Michael Vartan

This is Josie's English teacher. Josie delights in sharing her wit and wordiness with him as she is afterall really a reporter. Sam notices Josie is a bit different that the other kids in his class. Josie pretends to be 17 but she is in reality 25. Sam finds her appealing but doesen't want to go against the rules of his job or the norms of society. When Josie gives her speech about true love Sam feels its then ok to act on his desires as everyone knows Josie is not 17 and is rather a mature reporter.

The Cool girls played by Jessica Alba,
Jordan Ladd, and Marley Shelton

These three girls are the popular girls at school. They determine what is in fashion and who is desireable. When Josie joins their little circle and suggests that she used to date Rob, Rob finds himself in demand because of Josie's powerful trio of friends. These three are the social scene, they determine the parities to go to, the guys to go after, and the fashions to wear.

Aldys Martin, the geeky girl played by Leelee Sobieski

Aldys is a self assured intelligent High School girl. She doesen't hang out with the so called cool kids nor does she want to. She is the first one to really try to befriend Josie. Josie enjoys her time with Aldys but ultimately has to become closer with the "cool kids" so she can learn about parties and the teen social scene for her article.

Guy Perkins the cool guy played by Jeremy Jordan

Guy is the cool guy at school. He leaves his shirt unbuttoned at the top to emphasize just how loose and cool he thinks he is. When Rob Geller shows up Guy has to take a backseat in popularity to Rob who becomes the school's leading jock at least for a while. Guy thinks Josie would be an interesting girl to pursue, but Josie has no true interest in Guy.

James Rigfort, Josie's boss played by Garry Marshall

Rigfort is Josie's boss at her Chicago based newspaper. He wants results more than anything else. He finds Josie's slow pace on her recent assigment to write about High School students to be very unnerving. If Josie doesen't deliver big with a good story Rigfort might just have to fire her.

Josie's coworkers Gus played by John C. Reilly,
and Anita played by Molly Shannon

These two are coworkers of Josie's at the newspaper. Anita is a bit sexually imaginative and Gus is a bit more conservative. Together these two provide support to Josie on her assignment through surveillance and suggestive comments.

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