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Night of the Living Dead Series

Night of the Living Dead original

Siblings Johnny and Barbara travel to a distant cemetary to put flowers on their dead fathers grave. Johnny jokes that the undertakers probably steal from the father's grave. As the two look on in the graveyard, Johnny spots a creepy looking man moving rather slow. Johnny jokes "They're coming to get you Barbara." Barbara doesen't find this very funny and she tries to greet the approaching man and apologize for her brothers joke. As the man draws near he reaches for Barbara and Johnny has to intervene. In the struggle that ensues Johnny's head hits a rock and he dies. Barbara runs through the woods to an abandoned house. Shortly after she enters, Ben, a take charge kind of fellow pulls up and enters as well. He has learned that the dead have been reanimated with a desire to eat the living. The man in the cemetary that chased after Barbara was one of these reanimated corpses.

Ben and Barbara listen to news via the radio. It appears to be happening everywhere, the zombie attacks that is. Only a quick blow to he brain can kill the zombies as is quickly learned. After these two spend a bit of time in the house, 5 others are discovered living downstairs in the cellar. They include two couples and one child. One of the men, Cooper, doesen't get along with Ben at all partly because Ben is Black. Cooper believes hiding in the basement is the safest place, Ben disagrees and argues boarding up the whole house is the best bet. Together these people except for Cooper board of the house, placing doors over windows and try to make things secure to sustain the seige they are in store for.

After some discussion Ben decides to try to go for help via a truck, the only problem is that it first will have to be refueled at a gas pump. Upon arriving at the pump its locked and is shot open out of desperation. As zombies flock to the car, gasoline spills everywhere enciting a flame killing two people. By the movie's end Ben and Cooper have fought fiercely and Cooper dies. Barbara a wimp throughout the film sees her former brother Johnny as a zombie and is quickly overpowered by legions of zombies intent on eating her. Ben finally stands alone and ultimately goes down into the cellar which Cooper thought everyone should have done to begin with.

A group of armed people organizes and razes the countryside in search of zombies to kill. They spot one lone house and wonder if anyone is in there. Ben emerges from his hiding place and peeps out. He's mistaken for a zombie and shot on sight. Ben made it a whole night with zombies trying to break through the cellar door, only to emerge and die by being mistook as a zombie. That is true irony.

The Night of the Living Dead is the grand daddy of all zombie films and one of the most popular horror films of all time. Amidst uncertainty people band together within a house with constant radio bulletins providing a sense of immediacy and fear. The movie was shot in black and white with zombies killed via gun, edged weapons, and anything else at hand. The hero of the film was Ben from the beginning. A black hero in a 60's film was a unique touch..

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Night of the Living Dead Remake

This is a 90's remake of the original black and white film. The main difference in this version is that Ben is not nearly as strong of a hero as in the first one. In this one the wimpy Barbara is the focus of strength in the movie. She goes for help, obtains weapons and walks right by zombies with her pistol pointed at their head in case they get to close. The movie's plot is the same as the first except she survives the ordeal and meets up with other humans who are hunting the zombies.

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Dawn of the Dead

The movie begins at a TV station which is broadcasting warnings of the worldwide zombie attacks. Two employees escape via helicopter and meet up with two others. Together they land ontop of a shopping mall. The group figures the second level of the shopping mall would be a fairly safe place from zombie attacks. The only problem is that zombie's are roaming around throughout the mall. Apparently the mall brings back the positive memory of shopping for the zombies. The group tries to take out all zombies in the mall and do this with relative ease. But eventually there were just too many zombies. The group takes off again via helicopter for another deserted location and safety.

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Day of the Dead

A cavern deep in the earth serves as a research center for a group of surviving humans. One scientist conducts research on zombies eager to learn all he can. The military commander of the center understand the applications of the research and encourages it. But soon he discovers his own men are being fed to one of the zombies named Bud so it can be domesticated. This wasn't acceptable and something had to be done. The movie's climax involves hundreds of zombies being let into the facility. They run amuck and Bud the trained zombie can be seen wandering around in a semi civilized fashion. In one of the more memorable final scenes a large soldier is completely surrounded. After being bit on the arm he throws the zombie off and puts his own pistol in his mouth and shoots himself.

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