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Other People's Money

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Lawrence Garfield AKA Larry the Liquidator played by Danny Devito

Larry the Liquidator is a hostile takeover specialist. His business is buying up undervalued company's to resale piece by piece for profit. His latest target is New England Wire & Cable. He thinks this takeover will be easy until he meets Kate, a daughter of one of the company's head assistants to the Company's President. Larry finds it hard to both pursue his current aquisition and his new current desire Kate at the same time.

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Kate Sullivan played by Penelope Ann Miller

Kate is the daughter of Andrew Jorgenson's close assistant. Her father's closeness to Andrew, the company president of New England Wire & Cable puts her right in the middle of the struggle to fight off an attempted takeover attempt by Larry the Liquidator. After meeting with Larry on many occasions her charm captivates Larry. In the movie's finale Larry even comes up with a plan to remake New England Wire & Cable after his acquisition as a maker of parts for airbags in an attempt to salvage jobs and win Kate's favor.

Andrew Jorgenson played by Gregory Peck

This is New England Wire & Cable's President. He is an old liner that doesen't wish to see his company bought up by Larry the Liquidator and sold off piece by piece. To him his company is a treasure more than it is a unit of capitalistic expression. He vehemently fights Larry the Liquidator's attempts to convince his company's shareholders to sell off their shares in the company. During the film's final speech Larry's persuasion appears to win out.

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