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Over the Top

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Lincoln Hawk played by Sylvester Stallone

Lincoln is a simple man, not the brightest, not the richest, but he's all heart. He is Rocky without Adrian so to speak. Lincoln is a trucker, while on the road all the time he still finds time to train for his sport of passion; arm wrestling. With a truly unique cable system in the cab of his big rig he maintains a strength building workout routine. When Lincoln learns that his own father wants sole custody of his son Michael the boxing gloves come off. Lincoln decides for once in his life its his time to make up for his times as a bad father and get the resources necessary to be able to take care of his son. Like a true legend, Lincoln enters a prestiduous armwrestling contest. The prize is a new big rig. In his final arm wrestling match, Lincoln cries as blood drips from his nose while he struggles with all his has to try to defeat Bob Hurley an undefeated champion whom he defeats in a most impossible manner.

Michael Cutler played by David Mendenhall

This bratty kid is meant to be the center piece of the storyline from Over the Top since it is Lincoln's desire to be with his son that drives him to compete in the arm wrestling content to try to win its prize so that he will be able to win custody. In reality this kid is a whinning brat that spouts off Lincoln's memorable lines about victory at the least opportune times.

Bob 'Bull' Hurley played by Rick Zumwalt

This is the current five time undefeated armwrestling champion in the film. He is famous for his tough guy talk and his quick powerful moves that pin his opponents. In his final match with Lincoln Hawks, Bob headbutts and draws blood from his opponent while screaming "I Own you." Bob ultimately loses and Lincoln Hawks becomes champion. Rick Zumwalt who portrayed "Bull" Hurley was a real world armwrestling champion. See links for more info on him.

Jason Cutler played by Robert Loggia

This is Lincoln Hawks nemesis; his own father, and the grandfather of his child Michael. Jason wants sole custody of Michael inspite of his own son's desire to be a part of Michael's life. Jason tries to buy off Lincoln and uses the courts to keep Lincoln from his son. But Lincoln as a rough guy trucker decides to just take his son with him anyway on a journey to a Arm Wrestling championship with a large payout.

The Child Bully

This guy had a minor role in the movie but a symbolic role as the bully that thinks he will always win. Lincoln Hawks encourages his own son to arm wrestle with this older brute to prove that strength can take many forms. After winning the armwrestling match Lincoln's son, Michael has a new found sense of confidence, and the bully has a newly found feeling of defeat.

Mad Dog Madison played by Randy Raney

This crazed competitor in the arm wrestling competition actually chews on a cigar and swallows it. His rational commentary on the desire to pschye out the competition really is funny considering his crazed behavior when competing. This thick guy reminds one of a sterotypical bad guy enforcer that would have been found in fighting games like Final Fight and Streets of Rage in the past.

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