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Over the Top

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General Sites features cast and crew details, and links contains cast and crew detail, a plot summary, and other suggested movie titles that may interest fans of Over the Top

Wikipedia: Over the Top Movie - feature splot summary and trivia details.

Picture Galleries contains images of real world armwrestlers as well as armwrestlers from the Over the Top movie

80's Movie Rewind: Over the Top - features a review and a few pictures.

Quotes and Interviews an interesting interview with Rick Zumwalt who portrayed the infamous Bob "Bull" Hurley, the final armwrestler that screams "I own you" as he struggles with Stallone in the final match. a collection of three little quotes from the movie

Reviews Features links to 6 external review sites from the Internet Movie Database. a collection of user submitted summaries and comments on the movie

Arm Champs Arcade Game

* See Over the Top Merchandise for info about this Armwrestling Game a picture and overview of Arm Champs II a searchable database of places where Armchamps II has been recently where it could be played.

Arm Wrestling excellent site featuring explanations of arm wrestling techniques with pictures, a nice guide to arm wrestling tables, and links a site featuring tournament info and pictures of famous arm wrestling matches a site of an official promotor of Arm Wrestling tournaments in California and Nevada. Includes a schedule of events and a list of past winners. features reviews of Arm Wrestling style tables you can buy, links, and other arm wrestling info. contains arm wrestling exercize info, links, and a message board a New York Based Arm Wrestling association featuring pictures, schedule of events, and links a website of a North Carolina based arm wrestling association, with pictures, and schedule of events.

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