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Pirates of Silicon Valley

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Steve Jobs - Founder of Apple Computer

Steve is a charasmatic character that believes computers are as much things of art as of science. He goes from making computers in a garage to being head of a company determined to dethrone IBM from its position as leader of the computer world. To Steve, IBM is a dinosaur and people who wear suits have no place at his firm because they remind him of old coporate types like IBM employees. In the movie Steve struggles with his desire to succeed and his erratic moods. Steve refuses to recognize his own daughter Lisa and give her much attention for many years. But decides to later name a computer, the Lisa after her.

Bill Gates - Founder of Microsoft

In the film Bill is characterized as a geeky computer nerd who can't get girls and whose only friends are other computer techies. Bill is a strategist and even in simple games like Poker it shows. When opportunity presents itself Bill along with two of his buddies form their own company Microsoft to go after the software market that Bill believes will be the real profit center of the future. With a cheap operating system named DOS which is licensed nonexclusively to IBM the fuels of software growth are born. When IBM adopts DOS all other non IBM clones also adopt it, and it becomes a defacto standard. In the film Bill collaborates and later steals technology from Apple. The war of Windows vs Mac plays itself out in the personal battle between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

Steve Wozniak Co founder of Apple Computer

This is Steve Jobs right hand man and a technical whiz. Before helping to form Apple computers, Wozniak or Woz as he is commonly known by friends worked with Steve Jobs in 1974 at Atari Inc. There they designed the infamous breakout video game. In the film Woz is much more interested in the science and technology of Apple than he is in the business angle which Steve Jobs masters.

Steve Ballmer - Cofounder Microsoft and Current CEO of Microsoft

In the film Steve is portrayed as Bill Gates right hand man. Quick to understand the value of good information he buys an operating system from a recluse which becomes the famous DOS operating system and he eagerly enjoys planning how Microsoft will go after Apple. In real life Ballmer is now the current CEO of microsoft. His style of management is an active one and he is famous for being really loud and very physical in his motivational speeches.

Arlene - Steve Jobs Girlfriend

Arlene is a girl Steve has a child with named Lisa. At first Steve totally involves himself in work and basically ignores Arlene in the movie. Steve even refuses to pay minimal child support money to Arlene inspite of how Arlene could hurt the image of Apple Computers. In the end Steve Jobs decides to name a computer, the Lisa after the child he had with Arlene. The image to the left of Arlene is from an Alice in Wonderland style fantasy/dream that Steve Jobs has.

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