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Princess Bride

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Princess Butercup Played by Robin Wright

This is the film's princess, the movie's title "Princess Bride" refers to her. Growing up she enjoyed a farm boy helper known as Westley. Westley would respond to her every request with the phrase as you wish. The Princess comes to love Westley and her love lives on even when she is kidnapped and believes Westley is dead. In the film she is rescued from a forced marriage to Prince Humperdink by Westley who returns as the Dread Pirate Roberts or Man in Black.

Westley/Man in Black/Dread Pirate Roberts Played by Cary Elwes

This is the film's hero. He originally served as a server boy to Princess Buttercup before losing contact with her. He returns to save her and prevent her forced marriage to Prince Humperdinck. He enlists the aid of a swordsman and a giant brute to help him in his quest.

Prince Humperdinck Played by Chris Sarandon

This Prince desperately wants to marry Princess Butercup. Her tales of a former love; Westley/the Dread Pirate Roberts greatly upsets him. He fabricates a story of sending ships to find Westley in an attempt to win the favor of the Princess. When it doesen't work he plans a forced marriage to the Princess his way.

Inigo Montoya Played by Mandy Patinkin

This character desperately searches for a six fingered man whom he knows killed his father. He even has a planned speech to deliver to the six fingered man when he finds him; "Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die."He joins Westley and Fezzik the giant on a quest to free Princess Buttercup and slay the six fingered man.

Fezzik Played by Andre the Giant

Fezzik the giant is the proverbial Muscle that all great tasks require. He originally attacks the Man in Black per Vizzini's orders but is ultimately bested and decides to join the Man in Black on his quest to free the Princess.

Count Tyrone Rugen Played by Christopher Guest

This is the film's legendary six fingered man. He is a ranking assistant of Prince Humperdinck. The Count's is sought out by Inigo Montoya for murdering his father. Ultimately he has to fight Inigo Montoya for his life.

Vizzini Played by Wallace Shawn

This man plans to start a war by killing Princess Buttercup. He hires the Giant Fezzik and the swordsman Inigo Montoya to aid him. When the Man in Black gets in the way Vizzini challenges him to a game of wits to end things honorably. The game involves poision. Vizzini guesses which glass he beleves to be poisioned then switches its position while the Man in Black is turned away. He thinks he has tricked the Man in Black but ultimately as they both drink the joke is on him as the game was rigged as both glasses were poisoned and the Man in Black had built up an immunity to the poison.

Miracle Max Played by Billy Crystal and His Wife

Miracle Max is a witch doctor of sorts that brings Westley back to life after he is killed via torture adminstered under the Prince's orders. His wife lends a hand during the procedure to bring back the dead as well.

The Grandfather Played by Peter Falk

This is the storyteller that reads the Princess Bride book to his grandson. The story he is telling is the story the movie depicts on screen for audiences to see.

The Grandson Played by Fred Savage

The Grandson is the one being read the Princess Bride book by his Grandfather. This book's story is what the audience sees onscreen in the film. At first he plays along with listening to the story but towards the end he really wants to know how it ends.

The Albino Played by Mel Smith

This guy works in the Pit of Despair which is a torture area of the Prince. He heals Westley so that he can be tortured from an original healthy state which is the Prince's preference.

Impressive Clergyman Played by Peter Cook

This priest is the one performing the marriage between Princess Buttercup and Prince Humperdinck. He is forced to rush along the wedding when the prince insists.


A Rodent of Unusual Size that Westley thinks is a myth until he encounters one in the fire swamp with Princess Buttercup..

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