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In Heaven, a great war has raged for some time. Gabriel, a most trusted angel has lead the fight against those loyal to god who believe man is better than the angels. Lucifier, the chief angel that fell from grace seeks to control and toy with man. Gabriel wishes to destroy him. So in this movie Lucifer (the devil)is among the friends of man. Gabriel comes to earth to try to stop an angel from fathering a child with an earthly woman. Angels in the movie are more like soldiers than fairies of beauty and grace. This makes for an interesting view of angels, and heaven. Gabriel has the power to light things on fire with but a look. Lucifer, the Devil, fights Gabriel and saves the human race from Gabriel's destructive plan. The movie ends with the pathway to hell opening up and swallowing Gabriel. It seemed a prophesy of man's destruction was not meant to be.

Prophesy 2

The ground opens up and Gabriel, is sent back to the Earth. Hell was not big enough for both Gabriel and Lucifer to dwell in it, as the Devil saw it. Gabiel takes a girl who commits suicide in a car accident and brings her back to life. He needs her to interface with computers. Gabriel can read the human mind at will, but doesen't know how to use DOS or Windows. The movie is not nearly as good as the first one. But it presents a followup story of Gabriel's hatred for man, the chosen race of God.

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