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Raw Deal

It seems at one point or another in life almost everyone gets a raw deal. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a hired gun that is betrayed by his employer and then seeks to right the wrong's of his raw deal. Appraching in a beat up car, he shoots out the glass, and then puts in a cassette playing the song "I Can't get no satisfation." He then proceeds to invade a criminal's headquarters; wiping out the guards as if they are nothing. He then takes to the ground and travels on foot. He takes cover alongside a gigantic dump truck and mops up the remaining guards who await him outside. Then its time to go inside. An elevator sounds as if it is about to open on a floor where all the remaining criminals await. They promptly open fire into the elevetor with everything they have. Bulletholes are everywhere, but there is no Arnold. Then a noise is hurt in the ventalation shafts and out comes Arnold with shotgun in hand. He pumps it and rapidly drops a few bad guys. Then he switches to gun two a machine gun. He works his way down to a revolver and kills one overconfident badguy that shoots but is out of ammo. A FBI man in the room has been discovered to be a traitor to Arnold. He is given the choice to "Risen or be prosecuted," and left with a pistol as if to help him with his decision. The FBI man jumps to his feet aims the gun and then Arnold guns him down. Raw Deal while light as far as storyline features some of the best gunfire action sequences of any movie anywhere.

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