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Red Dawn

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General Sites contains a review with pictures and trivia tidbits features analysis of the characters, setting, and film cast and crew details, quotes, trivia, and links

Image Galleries and Multimedia

Google Images Search Results for Red Dawn

Adam Carolla from LoveLine's Radio Show Commentary on Red Dawn

Quizes and Trivia contains a collection of nitpicks and errors present in the film features a collection of trivia tidbits courtesy of the Internet Movie Database

Chats & Forums contains user submitted comments and reviews on Red Dawn courtesy of Epinions

The Internet Movie Database's Forum for the film

Quotes a collection of memorable quotes from the film courtesy of the Internet Movie Database features a small collection of quotes from the movie contains a quote by the Producer of Red Dawn about the efforts of Gun Owners of America in preserving firearms rights. Also contains other quotes about the "No Compromise" organization.

Reviews Features links to 11 external review sites from the Internet Movie Database. Features links to 5 review sites courtesy of the Movie Review Query Engine a review which comments on the "far fetched" nature of the film's premise a review from CNN which comments on the film as a product of the coldwar contains a colletion of brief negative reviews of the film

Merchandise and Collectibles

*See Red Dawn Merchandise for info about the Sovietski Collection of Russian military uniforms, army uniforms, Anti tank rockets, and more.

Second Amendment Sites contains another article about Sarah Brady's infamous rifle purchase for her son in which she states "I can't describe how I felt when I picked up that rifle, loaded it into my little car and drove home" a humorous letter by Gun Owners of America which awards Sarah Brady's son a one year membership because of his mother's illegal purchase of a "high powered rifle" for him the National Rifle Association's site featuring an archive of Firearms laws on the books, pending legislation, and links a parody of Sarah Brady's anti firearms organization with humorous tips, news, and a funny look at how some lesser minds might rationalize the second amendment away

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