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Return of the Living Dead

Part 1

An old man and his assistant at a medical storage supply company discuss the movie Night of the Living Dead. Its based on a true story the old man insists. He then leads his pupil down to a cellar where a drum with a preserved zombie is stored.  This drum may have been from some medical supplies containment unit the government was using for testing. After commenting on how well made the drums are, he taps it gently and the thing spews out a chemical myst which knocks both men out. They awake with animated body parts all over the place. Determined to cover up their problem they turn to a cremator. He burns the animated dead body and a few body parts. Everyone believes their problem is solved. But by burning the zombie a reanimating chemical is spread into the air near a local cemetary where hordes of zombies then rise up. The movie pokes fun of the earlier unrelated Night of the Living Dead movie. In this movie, zombies eat brains for electricity to power themselves instead of just mere flesh. Shooting the zombies in the head will not kill them as it would in Night of the Living Dead. The two who reanimated the dead meet up with a group of partying teens and together they hold out in several locations in style via siege style attacks by zombies. The zombies in this movie however can walk, talk and even use tools. When an amulance comes by and its paramedics are eaten, one zombie radios to send more paramedics. At the movie's end word breaks to a military commander of the situation with the zombies. He orders a small portable nuclear artillery piece to scorch the place to end the problem. As the shell flies overhead a girl watches as her zombified boyfriend prepares to eat her. At the movie's end a talking zombie head lingers on to indicate a chance for a sequel.

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Part 2

A military transport truck hits a bump and a storage drum with a zombie encased in it is lost. A couple of grave robbers find the case and accidentally unleash the zombie inside. A young boy sees the zombie and tries to convince everyone to call the army for help. As the zombifying chemical is released from its storage drum near a cemetary, zombies rise up. A crazy old man's car is taken in a bid to escape the zombies. Arriving at a hospital a boy, the grave robbers, and a girl ask a doctor about the sickness the two grave robbers now experience. It seems they are dead is the answer.. And shortly afterwords they are zombies as well. Amidst the chaos, the army is sent in. Armed with nothing special all they do is machine gun zombies who just get back up again and again. The film's hero group discovers that electricity can kill the zombies. They gain access to loads of frozen brains and attract all the zombies to the local power station. There they electricate the zombies which all appear to die. The film is not nearly as good as the first. It did have its moments though like when a zombified boyfriend convinces his girlfriend that is will be ok if he eats her brains. He takes a deep bite and the meek girl really exemplifies what submissive really is to allow someone to bite into her head.

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Part 3

The third Return of the Living Dead movie was somewhat different from the first two. The movie begins with a military research center and its focus on researching the possiblities of zombie soldiers. The base's commander has a son with a girlfriend julie that he loves more than anything. The commander dad however doesen't approve of the girl at all. The son sneaks into the military base with his girl and spots all of the gruesome experiments going on under his father's command. On their way out of there they see a zombie break loose from its restraints and kill a researcher. They haul ass out of the complex on motorcycle. A bump in the road causes a major accident. The boyfriend is ok, his girlfriend is killed. Determined not to let her be dead, he returns to the complex from earlier and reanimates his girlfriend. The girlfriend returns to the world of the living as a zombie. She remebers her boyfriend and still loves him so she can't eat him inspite of her desperate hunger for brains. Throughout the city she runs rampant killing and eating while the boyfriend just kind of looks the other way. Sometimes there is no one to eat, and the girl starts to think of eating her boyfriend. When she does, she sticks pins and other metallic devices into her body so that she can have a sensation of pain which lessens her sense of hunger. In one scene she emerges with the most piercings ever seen in any movie. Its quite a horriffyingly seductive site to behold. During sex the zombie girl pushes a knife through the palm of her hand to further help her forget about her hungers. By the movie's end the zombie girl is hunted down by the military commander and captured. At the base new generations of zombie soldiers are being perfected. Fueled with meat powered batteries and encaged in metallic body suits the base's chief researcher seems proud of her acheivements. When the female zombie is seen in her cage with her mouth muzzled for safety the boyfriend just can't stand it. He convinces a zombie who remembers him to free them all and the carnage for a possible sequel can be partially witnessed on screen.

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