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This is one of very few modern movies made about the American Revolutionary War. The movie stars Al Pacino who plays a father who reluctantly joins the Contiental army to fight with his son after his young son foolishly signs up. The movie is one of bayonets, hand to hand fighting, retreats, battles, and yet more battles. The first major battle in the movie ends with Americans fighting very well until British standing army units begin to charge with fixed bayonets. At that point most Americans take to the woods. A British commander uses a large pike to knock an American flag from its bearer. He then advances forward stabbing and trampling the bodies of his foes. This is to be the film's great British leader.

In one battle Al Pacino's character and his son are captured. and put in a POW camp near Boston. Old Al's character is forced to drag a stuffed dummy made to look like George Washinton while dogs are sent chasing after him. With time Boston POW's are rescued and fighting once more. From a distance Al Pacino guns down Britts with marksmanship and speed. In one scene he and another fellow blast two men standing beside the pike wielding Britt comannder from previous battles.

At the movie's end Al Pacino states that the revolution was about making a good place to raise one's babies. And isn't that the true reason that men fight and die for ideals other than their own lives?

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