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Scream 1

The movie opens with a young looking Drew Barrymore alone at home. She is prank called many times at first she thinks. The calls are no joke or prank though. She hangs up and doesen't take it too seriously. But then the voice calls her again and again. Her boyfriend is outside and will die if she doesen't turn out the lights the voice says. Young Drew Barrymore witnesses her boyfriend die. She runs outside to try to escape and then is slowly stabbed to death right as her parents pull up into her driveway. Without the energy to scream she could do nothing. More and more deaths mount across town. Each time the murderer is seen he is wearing a ghost like halloween costume. In a video store two kids joke about what this murderer may be like. Would he follow the cliches of movies. Could it be someone's jealous boyfriend. Could it be the crazed Tarrantino movie fan? Just who could it be. A famous female reporter travels around trying to uncover this as well.

The movie climaxes with a group of teens in a house watching of all things scary movies. One girl Sidney thinks her boyfriend is dead after she sees him stumble down stairs with blood all over himself. She soon discovers that there is not one killer but two. One of the killer's was beautiful Sidney's own boyfriend who ressurects himself from his fake death. Apparently a little fear of being murdered helped put her in the mood. The other killer was a crazed horror movie fan, that jokes about everything. With a voice alteration device and a Halloween costume they wrecked havoc on the town. The two killers discuss how they will kill Sidney and get away with it. They plan to stab each other to make it appear they too were attacked by the killer. The crazed horror fan is stabbed quite deeply he cries "Come on man, I'm starting to feel a little woosy." At the movie's end the two killers are found out, this plot twist provided one of the greatest twists in the history of horror. When you are looking for one killer, and the killers themselves comment on just who the killer may be, one is very surprised to find there are two killers.

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Scream 2

The openeing of this film is set in a movie theater during a horror movie. Everyone is dressed up in promotional Halloween costumes just like the killers wore in the first Scream movie. A black couple on a date enjoys the film, and then the brother goes to the bathroom to do his business. While in the stall he soon finds out he is not alone. With a truly forceful stab someone stabs through the neighboring stall and into the guys ear. With the noise of the theator's crowd no one can hear anything. The movie follows the paths that the survivors from the first film experience during a new murdering rampage. At the movie's end one of the killers is the actress that played Jackie on Roseanne. She uses a gun and makes one of the worst killers in the history of film. Up to the ending Scream 2 is pretty good but nowhere nearly as good as the first one.

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Scream 3

This Scream film begins on the set of the filming of a new film version of Stab. The movie is based on the real life occurences that happened to lead character Sidney during the first film. All of the memorable characters from the first film have an actor playing them. Its quite funny to watch this movie within a movie aspect to the film. On the set actors begin to die naturally. Sidney is in hiding but soon comes out of hiding to help uncover just who the killer may be. The movie ends at the set, an impossible device that can mimic people's voice's perfectly is used to set up the really awful surprise ending. Its the director, what a surprise. The ending was apparently pulled out of a hat. Scream 3 is the worst of the Scream franchise. It basically served as a setup for the comedy spoof Scary Movie which itself will have a sequel shortly as well.

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