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Brantley Foster aka Carlton Whitfield
played by Michael J. Fox

Brantley Foster is a new 25 year old college graduate from Kansas. He makes his way to New York in an attempt to leave his mark on the business capital of the world. After being turned down for jobs everywhere he goes to his Uncle Howard Prescott who gives him a job in his company's mail room. From the mailroom Brantley learns about the inner workings of his company. He uses this knowledge to invent an alter ego; Carlton Whitfield who assumes the role of an executive in the firm.

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Christy Wills played by Helen Slater

Christy is a high ranking executive at Pemrose Corp, and a mistress of the company's CEO Howard Prescott. She becomes upset at the continued lies of Howard which promise her that his marriage is on the rocks and he will soon be able to be with Christy all the time. Brantley Foster's alter ego Carlton Whitfield pussues Christy and tries to impress her in any way he can.

Howard Prescott played by Richard Jordan

Howard is the CEO of Pemrose Corp, a multinational firm engaged in a variety of different businesses. Howard gained his position as CEO of the company from his wife Vera, whose father was the founder of the company in the past. Howard fears a hostile takeover attempt by Donald Davenport and begins a series of cost cutting moves to try to make his company harder for Davenport to buy up. Howard meets his nephew Brantley whom he gives a job in the mail room of his corporate building. When Brantley invents an alter ego, Whitfield; Howard comes to respect him and always seeks him out although he can never actually meet him in person.

Vera Prescott played by Margaret Whitton

Vera is the daughter of the founder of Pemrose Corp. Her husband Howard is the company's CEO. Vera knows of her husbands adulterous affairs but doesen't seem to mind too much. When young Brantley Foster arrives on the scene she takes it upon herself to try to seduce him. Howard Prescot encourages young Brantley to occupy Vera as well as this gets her off his case so he can be more free to pursue his new mistress Christy. Vera is Brantley's Aunt though but Vera wants young Brantley even after knowing this. By the movie's end Vera uses several of her wealthy friends to organize a buyout of Pemrose Corp to thwart Davenport's takeover attempt and remove Howard Prescot from his role as CEO of Pemrose.

Barney Rattigan played by Christopher Murney

This character is the supervisor of the mail room at the office building Brantley Foster works at. Rattigan is Brantley's boss, but after working in the mail room for a while Brantley desires something more so he invents an alter ego and becomes an executive at the company. Between mail rounds Brantely performs the executive duties of his alter ego. On one occasion Rattigan catches what he thinks may be Brantley running through the building in business attire and chases after him. After a lengthy escape Brantley escapes but Rattigan remains determined to find out just what his quick mail room employee is up to.

Donald Davenport played by Fred Gywnne

Donald Davenport is a wealthy investor specializing in hostile takeovers of companies in which he buys under valued companies in an attempt to tap into their underutilized inherant value. Daveport sets his eyes on the company Howard Prescott runs. Prescott is quite worried about the threat of a hostile takeover and plans a series of layoffs and restructurings in an attempt to help raise cash to make the firm more valuable to investors and hence more expensive for Davenport to buy. While Prescott thinks the way to avoid a takeover is contraction, young Whitfield argues that expansion is the best way to grow value and thwart a takeover.

Jean played by Carol Ann Susi

Jean is the secretary that is assigned to Brantley alter ego character Whitfield. She spots her boss changing his clothes all the time as he has to quickly change between mail room clothes and office attire. When her boss Brantley is found out she feels sad that it had to end as she had such fun being his secretary.

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