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The Secret of My Success

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A man played by Michael J Fox leaves his hometown in Kansas City to try to make it in the big city; in New York City. He has a job all lined up for himself. But when he arrives in New York he discovers that the firm that would have hired him has downsized and his job is no longer available. He then frantically applies for jobs everywhere. He has college experience but no actual work experience so no one will touch him.

Finally he meets with his uncle Prescot the CEO of a major company and asks him for a job. A job working in the mail room is all he can get. He works quickly with his mail route and shortly is able to do it far quicker than his boss would ever know. One day he discovers a "suit" that just recently got fired. He decides to just go in his office and pretend that it is his.

With his knowledge of the mail room he keeps up on company news and slowly works himself onto the company payroll under a new name. He continues to work in the mail room, and work upstairs with the big whigs. But he always has to keep an eye out for his uncle that knows who he really is. He meets a girl Christy that has a fling with his uncle. He has escapades with his Aunt Vira and all hell breaks loose.

The company is worred about a possible hostile takeover threat, and a meeting at the Uncle's house is scheduled. Micheal J Fox's character plays it cool and becomes acquainted with all the power brokers of the world. During the night everyone is roaming about looking for love, or looking to stay away from it. Christy is running from the uncle. Aunt Vira is hunting Michael J Fox, and the musical song "Oh Yea," plays in the background as things get out of control. Finally "the sexual revolution is over" and the characters all get back to where they were.

Aunt Vira along with her nephew (Michael J Fox) take control of the company and oust the uncle from his position of power. The movie features adventure, quick dressing scenes in stopped elevators, and escapades that rival the greatest fantasy worlds imaginable. Perhaps business is a world of fantasy, and some that succed have a tale of their own success such as this one.



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