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She's All That

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In High School there is one girl, Laney that can't seem to win with the boys or be good at much of anything. This is not a "geek" but rather a normal human being as real people realize later on after High School. But to some in this High School Laney is just a project. A group of High School boys bet a jock that he can't turn her from a zero into the Prom queen. At first he sees her just as someone to fix up and as just another bet, or another bang. But as he gets to know her, Laney starts to matter to him. Glasses and her job with retail food to some appear marks of a nobody. But with time to the one who bet he could change her, they become things he adores.

Laney enjoys drama, and theater. In one scene the hunk engages in drama too after being set up for a fall by Laney. With no script, he pulls off drama via bean bag juggling with his feet. The audience at first thought it was a joke but then as time passed it was dramatic. Laney was changing him and he knew it. The movie ends with Laney discovering of the great bet. It didn't matter anymore, as lives had changed as no one ever gambled that they could.



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