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In the future soldiers are bred from birth to be exclusively soldiers. One such soldier played by Kurt Russel known as Todd rises quickly in the ranks of his elite soldiers. Mission after mission he puts down insurrection, kills rebeling people, and keeps "order." But eventually even this specially bred soldier who was considered near perfect in the past it seems has become technologically obsolete. A new breed of soldiers has been created. They are genetically engineered for superhuman strength and speed. A 4 minute mile is a piece of cake to these soldiers. Taking on two men in hand to hand combat while holding onto a rope is no major feat to them. Todd and his veteran soldiers from the old days are quickly immobolized and believed to be all dead. They are placed on a garbage vessel and dumped like trash onto a desolate planet of primitive people.

But Todd did not die. The native people befriend him and help him gain his strength again. Todd for the first time saw how life was like apart from war and soldiering. The new soldiers which killed his unit are dispatched to kill these native people. But Todd doesen't like that idea. One soldier against legions of the best genetically engineered soldiers; is that really fair? Todd was crafty and used experience to beat the strong brute like soldiers sent to annihilate his new friends.

In one scene he sets up a gun to fire automatically and then watches from a distance as soldiers travel to the gun to try to find the one shooting it. He then shoots them safely from afar. He was the hunter; he was the soldier. Todd responded with Sir and proclaimed he was a soldier always. The movie is the best movie Kurt Russel has ever been in. Its an action extravaganza, full of one liners, and a cat and mouse approach to warefare that proves quite interesting.

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