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Sergeant Todd played by Kurt Russell

Todd is a man raised from birth to be a soldier. He excelled in his training and learned to give no more thought to killing as to eating. As a veteran of many campaigns on many planets, he has put down revolution and slaughtered enemy troops of all shapes and forms. Todd is the best there is until a new breed of genetically engineered soldiers arive on the scene to take his place. He and his fellow soldiers are dumped on a primitive planet and assumed to be dead. Todd alone survives and learns a life apart from that of a soldier with the inhabitants of this primitive war. When new genetic superhuman soldiers are dispatched to wipe out everyone on his new home, Todd fights back and kills them all.

Caine 607 played by Jason Scott Lee

Caine 607 is the first genetic super human soldier that Sergeant Todd and his unit encounter up close and personal. Caine runs a mile in less than half the time Todd can and Caine is incredibly strong with incredible endurance. During a fight on suspended chains Caine kills two of Todd's soldiers and knocks Todd off the chain and he is believed to be dead. Before this great fall Todd reaches for this superhuman's eye and permanently takes it out of commission. Caine then lacked depth perception and is used largely as a driver from then on because of his injury. Caine finally meets up with Todd, the agent that infliced his blindness and a final hand to hand showdown commences of Caine's raw brawn vs Todd's intelligence.

Captain Church played by Gary Busey

This is the field commander of Sergeant Todd's unit. When geneticly superior soldiers are chosen to take over the role Todds unit has fullfilled faithfully for years he protests but is ignored. By the movie's end Church sees just how cruel his commanding officer Colonel Mekum truly is.

Colonel Mekum played by Jason Isaacs

This is the man who lives for war and loves testing out new weapons. When new genetically engineered soldiers are made available he delights in showing off how much better they are than the current lot of battle hardened troops. He arranges a three on one fight on suspended chains to show how one of the new soldiers is superior to three of the old ones. When one of his new genetic troops gets injured he comments on the cost of feeding and growing the soldier rather than feel sorrow for the soldier's eye injury. Mekum just dumps Sergeant Todd's whole unit out as trash on a primitive planet without a second thought.

Sandra played by Connie Nielsen

Sandra is a mother of a young son on the primitive planet where Todd lands. Sandra and her husband become caretakers of sorts for Sergeant Todd who finds civilian life to be strange. Todd teaches Sandra's son to conquer his fears and this saves his life when a posinous sake threatens the boys life. When troops are dispatched to wipe out Sandra and her native people, Todd fights back and kills them all.

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