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There's Something About Mary

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Other Collectibles

Below are pictures of unique collectibles based on the movie that I have seen for sale on ebay recently. To search for items like these on ebay enter the phrase There's Something About Mary in the ebay search box at right and scan all the resulting items. To bid at ebay you have to be a registered member, if you haven't registered before its easy as you only have to fill out an online form after you have found something that interests you.

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Hair Gel

This is a promotional gag item that consists of ordinary hair gel in special packaging with the Theres Somethint About Mary logo. This gel was made because of the memorable scene in the film in which Mary mistakes semen for hair gel and her hair sticks up.


Promotional Kit

Unique promotional kit distributed to promote the movie which focuses on Mary's neighbor Magda. Includes a "Make Me Magda" tote bag, false eyelashes, hair curlers, silver eye shadow, red lipstick and brown face powder. Also included is a polyester house dress in shades of pink and purple


Press Kit

This is the kit that was sent out to members of the press to help promote the film. If features a 26 page production notes booklet, folder, and four  8"x 6"  black and white photographs


Puffy Keychain

This is a small keychain version of Puffy the dog that was sold briefly in the past.


Plush Puffy Dog

This is a 7 or 8 inch plush version of Puffy the dog. It was available only in Blockbuster video rental stores for a brief period of time.


Puffy Shirt

This is a simple shirt featuring Puffy on the front and the There's Something About Mary logo on the back.


Puffy Shirt

This licensed shirt features the loveable Puffy, the There's Something About Mary titile, and the saying "Puffy Hates Men Loves Mary"


35 MM trailer

This is the trailer for There's Something About mary on 35 Millimeter film. This would have been shown during another movie to try to encourage people to see the then new There's Something About Mary movie.

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