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Spaceballs is in essence a spoof of Star Wars and other sci-fi films. The movie presents a story of the planet Druidia. The spaceballs (galactic empire) kidnap the princess and her robot maid from the planet and scheme to force her father, the king of Druidia to give up the security codes to lower the protective shield encasing the planet so they can steal all of the planet's air.

Her father hires Lonestar, a Han Solo like character that agrees to act as a gun for hire to free the princess. Along with his sidekick Barf, a half man, half dog creature they travel through the Galaxy in an attempt to rescue the princess from a large spaceship operated by the Spaceball empire. They literally jam the radar with jelly to knock out the ship's radar.

Within the ship Lonestar and the dreaded Dark Helmet have a lightsaber battle. Beams of light emerge from their ring fingers and they go at it with the power of the swartz. Just who has the bigger "swartz" they wonder. During the fight the two even manage to kill a few camera men. After Lonestar escapes with the princess, a desert planet akin to Tattoine from Star Wars is the next destination to hide out from the empire. There the wise Yogart advises Lonestar about merchandising rights and other such things. While all of this is going on space mobster Pizza the Hutt continues to search for Lonestar who he has put a bounty on. Only near the movie's end does Pizza the Hutt finally die by eating himself.

By the movie's end a deathstar like ship transforms itself into a robot with a gigantic vacume cleaner in an attempt to drain Druidia's air. The security code for the planet was a simple string such as 12345. On the planet, Apes such as those from Planet of the Apes proclaim "Oh Hell there goes the Planet."

The movie is filled with clever oneliners and inside jokes. Everything from bringing back the hero's stunt doubles, to using an advance copy of spaceballs the movie to locate the heros is used. At one point Dark Helmet and his lietienant are looking at the point in the movie which is exacly the present.

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