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Princess Vespa played by Daphne Zuniga

The Princess is the daughter of the ruler of Druidia. She is captured by Dark Helmet to convince her father to lower Druidia's defense shields. Rescued by Lonestar she starts to fall for him. She constantly fights with Lonestar but she likes him down deep. When someone fires a laser blast that barely hits her hair she goes on a shooting rampage and mows down a load of enemy troops.

Lone Star played by Bill Pullman

Lonestar is the hero of Spaceballs. He is a gun for hire of sorts. A bounty is on his head by Pizza the Hutt whom he owes money to. When the King of Druidia offers to pay him to bring back his captured daughter Princess Vespa he takes the job. Along the way he jams enemy radars, battles Dark Helmet with his swartz ring, and falls in love with Princess Vespa.

Barf the Mog played by John Candy

Barf is the copilot of Lonestar's ship and his best friend. Barf is a creature known as a mog; complete with a tail that seems to always get in the way and ears that constantly perk up.

Colonel Sandurz played by George Wyner

This is Dark Helmet's right hand man. He informs Dark Helmet about alerts and the movements of the Spaceballs.

Pizza the Hutt voice supplied by Dom DeLuise

Pizza the Hutt is a vicious galactic gangster with a bounty on Lonestar's head. Pizza the hutt is a spoof of Jabba the Hutt from the Star Wars saga. Pizza the Hutt dies by eating himelf when he got hungry.

Yogurt played by Mel Brooks

Yogurt is the old wise being that Lonestar seeks for advise about the Swartz. Yogurt talks with Lonestar about the power of merchandise and sequels. Yogurt also gives Lonestar a swartz ring. Yogurt is obviousley a spoof of the Yoda character from the Star Wars saga.

Dot Matrix played by Lorene Yarnell, voice by Joan Rivers

Dot Matrix is a robot whose mission is to protect the sanctity and virginity of Princess Vespa. Dot Matrix has her work cut out for her when the Princess meets Lonestar. Dotmatrix is a character which loosely resembles C3PO from the Star Wars saga.

King Roland, Ruler of Druidia played by Dick Van Patten

King Roland is the leader of the planet Druidia, a planet with an abundance of air whereas most of the galaxy is suffering from an air shortage. King Roland surrenders the security code to his planet's shield when he is told his daughter will be given back her old nose via plastic surgergy if he doesen't. The security code to his planet's shield systems is the asinine 12345678910.

Prince Valium played by JM J. Bullock

Prince Valium is the mate that King Roland has picked out for his daughter Princess Vespa. Princess Vespa however doesen't find Valium the least bit interesting as he often yawns and is rather boring.

President Skroob played by Mel Brooks

President Skroob is the leader of the empire which controls most of the galaxy in spaceballs. Skroob is not a rather bright man but he really wants his spaceballs problem ended. In the picture on the left he is seen enhaling a container of air which is a rare commodity he attacks the planet Druidia to try to gain. The President's character loosely resembles Emperer Palpatine of the Star Wars saga.

Radar Technician played by Michael Winslow

This radar technician enjoys make funny sounds on the bridge of Dark Helmet's command cruiser. This character is played by Michael Winslow the famed man of a thousand sounds who played in the Police Academy movies.

Major Asshole played by Jim Jackman

This is the leader of the assholes who abound on the bridge of Dark Helmet's command cruiser. Notice the crosseyed expression of stuppor that defines this character and his compatriots.

Dr. Schlotkin played by Sandy Helber

Dr.Scholtkin is the former plastic surgeon of Princess Vespa that gave her a nose job. Dark Helmet threatens to have Schlotkin give Princess Vespa back her old nose if her father does not surrender the security code to the planet Druidia's shields.

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