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Man has always wondered just who built the pyramids and why? In the movie Stargate creative answers to these questions are given. An alien race of vast powers and technology has had access to a Stargate enabling them to travel from world to world among the universe at almost instantaneous speeds. In the past in the times of the Egyptions, these aliens descened on the Earth and set themselves up as gods to the igorant masses of people that lived in the times. Ra the leader of the aliens became known as the sun god. The pyramids and temples of majesty were built to honor him.

In the film the US army discovers the Stargate as well and arrives on a world inhabited by the aliens who traversed the Earth during the days of the pyramids. Battles ensue via land and air. All appears lost until the native enslaved people of the planet learn that Ra and his helpers are not gods but just people of technology. The film is famous for its spear shaped laser weapons, and Scarub fighters that traverse the skies. Hell rains down in many directions in the film before Ra and his ilk finally are sent to hell. The movie is the inspiration for the Stargate SGI TV series.

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