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Star Trek Movies

Star Trek: The Motion Picture

An American satelite from the late 20th century belived to have been long lost reaches a vast machine world somewhere in the universe. The machines take the satelite's mission to learn and understand the universe to heart and build a vast complex to learn all that can be learned. The crew of the Enterprise including Captain Kirk, Spock, and McCoy encounter a machine complex in space known as Vger, but which in reality is a repaired and advanced version of the old Voyager Satelite. A visitor is sent to the Enterprise. The visitor appears human but in fact is a very advanced machine with molecule sized microprocessors. The machines feel a need to fullfill the program of Voyager and upload all their data to their "creators." The Earth is threatened with destruction. With the aid of Kirk and human ingenuity, the data is able to be uploaded and humanity is spared.

Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan

An archenemy of Captain Kirk from the classic Tv series Khan returns to strike vengence. He brainwashes several of Kirks crew and nearly has them kill Kirk on his command. A classic battle in space between a damaged Enterprise and Khan's war vessel proceeds. Khan nearly wins, as the Enterprise has no warp power and no real ability to move, shoot or steer. But just as the Enterprise is about to be destroyed, Spock enters the reator core of the Enterprise and physically reaches in and removes an obstruction so that the Enterprise may escape. Spock dies from radiation posoning, or so it appears.

Star Trek III The Search for Spock

After Spock "died" in the second film his body is jetsoned into space. The Enterprise crew ventures into space to find Spock's body and see if he is still alive. The Star Trek Franchise couldn't let Spock die off quite so easily it seemed.

Star Trek IV

Spock and Kirk arrive in modern day America in an attempt to bring back whale specimens so that the breed may be saved for the future. The movie abounds with humor. Spock appears the hippie, while Kirk comes off as a Captain Nemo type sailor in modern day America. Scotty the groups engineer, at first has trouble with 20th century computers until he figures out they they still use a keyboard. He shows a manufacturing plant how to make a new exotic material in exchange for their help. Chekov, is captured onboard a military locale and is deemed a Russian by American authorities. He nearly dies in American hospitals. Dr McCoy appearing as a wild banche continues with his classic doctors are butchers in this century speeches. His brand of medicine is just waiving a wand over the injured and watching them just magically get well. Ultimately the whales are saved and the mission is a success for the Enterprise. While not sci-fi oriented or action oriented as much as some of the other Trek films, this is one of the most entertaining Star Trek films to watch.

Star Trek V

A Vulcan leads a group of followers to a location that they believe is the place of their god. Hijacking the enterprise, they take Kirk and his crew with them. Ultimately this great "power" is destroyed by the Enterprise crew after it shows itself for the evil it really is.

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

Two booted beings board a Klingon bird of prey war vessel and annihilate the crew. Computer records indiciate that the Enterprise is responsible. Kirk and Spock are framed for muder and sentenced to a penal planet to live out their days. The Planet features bitter cold snows, and life survives only beneath the Planet's surface. Along with some fellow prisoners, Spock and Kirk escape and are beemed off the Planet and rendevous with the Enterprise. Found innocent of all charges against them, they are honored by the Federation.

Star Trek Generations

This is the first movie featuring Star Trek the Next Generation actors in it. The movie centers around a great Nexxus and one man's quest to be one with it. Kirk enters this Nexus and soon discovers that the world isn't real, as their never are any consequences or real risks. The movie ends with the mad man being killed and a method for the torch to be passed from the old Star Trek cast to the new one at the theater at least.

Star Trek First Contact

The Borg Return and move to Earth in an attempt to conquer and assimilate the entire world. With inside info garned by Picard while part of the Borg collective, weak spots on the Borg vessel are found. The Borg vessel is destroyed and most of the Borg. But one escape craft survives, and travels back in time and assimilates the entire human population into the past. The Earth's population is now Borg. The line is drawn and the crew of the Enterprise battles the Borg, and their queen to victory. Data is given a taste of what its like to be human but refuses to turn on his Federation friends to help the Borg.

Star Trek Insurrection

One World serves as a fountain of youth. No one ages on this planet. Federation scientists discover this oasis of youth, it doesen't even have many native people. A plan to forcefully remove them so that the riches of the planet can be exploited is hatched. Picard discovers the plan and refuses. He fights alonside the natives for the future of the planet. Data pulls off cool one arm hip shots with phasers as phaser rifles allow the enterprise crew members to play war on a grand scale.

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