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A small town in Maine experiences a strange visitor during one of the worst winter storms of the century. The stranger is Andre Linoge who appears to be French. Upon his arrival in town he kills an old lady and then proceeds to just sit down casually. The towns constable or sherrif figure Mike Anderson arrives and arrests Andre for murder.

While sitting in jail Andre plays mind games with his captors. He moves his fingers as if trying to orchestrate something. It appears he has powers over people. With his cane and his raunchy accent and sayings he mesmorizes everyone watching him in jail except the cautious constable. Andrew repeatedly mutters "give me what I want and I will go away." It's spooky talk to hear from someone behind bars. But behind bars Andre will not stay for long. He magically wills his jail open and walks out while distracting his guards.

Murder begins to happen throughout the town. One killing involves someone being beat to death with canned food. The town it seems is going wild and just what is the cause?. Andre appears before select townspeople on occasion just long enough to scare them and make them consider his phrase "give me what I want and I will go away." Other clever one liners such as "born in sin come on in" and "born in lust turn to dust" seem to be muttered by Andre just before or immediately after something tragic is to happen.

The town people go to town hall a safe place from the cold. There the town's children rest, in their sleep Andre visits them in their dreams and has them touch his magical wolf head cane. They fall into a deep sleep and no one in the town can awake them.

Finally Andre tells the town just what he wants. Everyone gathers in town and Andre states that he is an old aging being but not immortal. He seeks a prodgy to depart his knowledge to. Anyone's child from the town will do. The town has to decide if they will give Andre a child or face whatever wrath he may have in store if they refuse. Andre brings up the lost colony of Roanoke as a place that once refused him. After much deliberation, the towns constable Mike steadfastly argues against giving Andre anyone's child but his argument falls on deaf ears.

A game involving stones is used by Andre so that the town can give up a child at random. The loser will be holding stones of a certain color. Of course the loser is the constable and he loses his son to the monster Andre Linoge. Watching the movie I thought perhaps giving a child might make their problems twice as bad, as they might then have to face two beings with Andre's powers, but that was not the story to be. The movie technically was a made for tv miniseries based on Stephen King novel.

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