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Streetfighter; while based on the popular video game series, pays little homage to the quality of the game or its story. The characters are pictured well on screen and it is quite obvious that some time was spent selecting each actor for each part. But the story is quite lacking in substance or theme.

Guile, a marine character from the video game is played by Jean Claude Van Damme. Van Damme does give this movie one good cinematic move. Guile's special movie from the video game in which he jumps flips around and kicks his opponent with his feet while upside down in midair is amazingly recreated by Van Damme. This basic human flight and artistic walk on air serves as the greatest special effect for the film; even though it is one created by human muscle power alone. All in all, the movie is rather weak, and not nearly as good as the movie version or rival arcade monster hit Mortal Kombat.


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