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Suicide Kings

Four teenage friends discover that a girl they know and care for has been kidnapped. The four conspire to kidnap someone themselves in the hopes that it will help them in their quest to free their friend. They figure a mob boss has the connections to find anyone. The four friends kidnap a mob boss played by creepy Christopher Walken. They drug him and force him into an unconciouss state. When he awakes one of his fingers is missing. It has been cut off to prove how serious the four kidnappers are.

From then on, it is no turning back for the four. The mob boss plays each of his kidnappers against the other. He plays poker with them and makes them drop their guard against him. As this is going on one of his lietienants played by Dennis Leary is scavenging the city in search of his boss, and for the missing girl.

As the movie proceeds the teenage captors reveal just how unthought out their plan was. They fool around with the gun they have and nearly wreck the house they are in. Dennis Leary, the bosses assistant finally finds where he believes the girl is being held and by whom. In the scenes real kicker Dennis Leary moves in on two men he believes to be the kidnappers of the girl. They say they know nothing and the whole thing was a gag for money. Dennis Leary doesen't buy it and kills them and then discovers that they were being truthful and they were not kidnappers at all. After a quick look around and a brief expression hinting at some regret he proclaims "Lets go." It seems the teenage kidnappers has been playing the mob boss and his lietienant for a fool.

A boyfriend and girlfriend planned the whole thing including faking a kidnapping in the hopes of making money. They drag their friends into this which respond by kindapping a mob boss and torturing him. When the old mob boss is freed he and his associates hunt down the two teenagers that played this trick on them. Its in the river with the fishes for them.

The movie was a rather cerebral, plot twisting spectacle. It mostly takes place in one room where the teenage kidnapers hold their notorious mob boss who talks with them casually even after his finger was cut off. Dennis Leary runs the streets as Christopher Walken works his kidnappers against themselves. The movie presents a wealth of one liners, irony, and calm wise guy mentality that blends mob culture, kidnapping, and deception in a most thoughtprovoking, entertaining fashion.

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