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A young boy is sent into space before his planet Krypton is destroyed. He arrives on Earth and is cared for by a farming couple, the Kents. The boy is named Clark, and it soon becomes apparent that he has special powers. A costume is made for him from the materials he was wrapped in when found on Earth. Clark Kent takes a job with a newspaper as a reporter. He uses this as a cover for his other activities in costume as Superman. Superman saves people from disaster, finds Lois Lane a woman he will always love, and finds it is hard to explain why he often is not at his job at the Newspaper in Metropolis. But such are the ways of Superheros, aren't they?

Superman II

Three criminals from Superman's homeplanet of Krypton arrive on Earth after being exiled into deep space. They have all of Superman's powers and outnumber him three to one. Superman decided to use the power of his fortress of solititude to turn him into a normal mortal devoid of all superhuman powers. At first he is beat up by a man in a bar after Lois is insulted. Clark Kent with no powers is quite a sappy sorry dog indeed. As the three criminals wreck havock on Earth, Superman finally regains his senses and his powers and goes to challenge them. The three crimnals are clad in black leather. The female of the trio it seems was the whole purpose for the black leather outfits; as it presents an interesting sexual energy evident when Superman battles her. In the end Superman, Lex Luthur and the three criminals end up in Superman's Fortress of Solitude. Superman tells Lex Luther that if he could only get them into a small crystal chamber then he could take away their powers. Lex Luthur of course tells the three Kryptonian criminals of this and they promptly put Superman into the chamber. He appears to lose his powers but comes out with a unique advantage. He knew Luther would tell them about the chamber so he lied, the chamber is a protection device allowing an occupant to keep their powers. The three villians had all lost their powers. Superman squeezes the hands of the two male Kryptonian's and they let out quite a shriek. Lois Lane punches the female Kryptonian and she too goes down in surprise. The battle sequences with three superhumans traveling through the sky leveling the cities of America present some truly remarkable and meorable scenes. The movie is one of the best in the Superman franchise.

Superman III

Lex Luthuer recruits a computer genuis, played by Richard Pryor as part of a plan to destroy Superman. Richard Pryor really made the film comical as he hacked into government machines and increased his pay and did various other nefarious things. Kryptonite is discovered to be Superman's weakness and it is used against him. The movie ends with Lex Luthur back in jail and Richard Pryor back in jail as well.

Superman IV the Quest for Peace

The governments of the world decide the threat of nuclear war is to great, so they agree to disarm. Superman takes all the weapons into space for destruction, and sees to it that all nations abide by the treaty. Lex Luthur creates a black market nuclear arms business and attempts to rearm the world. Lex creates a Nuclear Man, from the power of the atom and the genetic material of one of Superman's hairs. Battle's ensue in space and on Earth, until Superman finally triumphs.

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