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Suspiria is a rather obscure Horror film that really doesen't have a plot one can spell out in words, but it nontheless has the power to scare the hell out of anyone. The movie is from Italy but filmed in English. The movie begins with an American dance student, Suzy traveling from America to Germany to study dance at a highly acclaimed school. A series of strange events transpire all around this unfortunate traveler. Her roommate is brutally killed which piques her interest all the more in just what this place is all about.

Peeping about down corridors and hallways the presence of witches can be heard. Suzy runs faster and faster and you really have no idea what is going on as a viewer. The camera moves here the camera moves there. Fear strikes within the viewer not because of anything one sees but because of the anticipation that absolutely anything can happen next.

Throughout the movie the plot is completely unpredictable, perhaps even unintelligible. This makes the film unlike most predictable horror films. Absolute terror in reality is perhaps a thing without logical reason or progression just as the terror of this film is. A lot of little things combine to give the movie a sense of terror. A blind man's dog turns on him and a stabbing scene is so intense that the actual meat of the heart is seen penetrated again and again. When someone attempts to escape the school, what willl happen? When the word witch is quietly whispered as part of the theme music just what will happen? When the witches themseles fear their dynasty of role for 200 years may be uncovered by a lone American girl just what will they do?

The movie is one of questions more than answers from beginning to end and throughout. The movie's box confidently states that "The only thing more terrifying than the last 5 minutes of this film are the first ninety." An unusual description to say the least but it defines the nature of this obscure but horrifying film.

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