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Swiss Family Robinson

The Swiss Family Robinson is a Disney family film almost everyone has seen at least once. Its an adventure tale of a family from Switzerland that seeks adventure by sea but ends up stranded on land because of a major storm. The family includes a mother, father, and three sons.

On a deserted island the family tries to make the best of things. The family hurries to rescue everything they can from their ship before it sinks for good. While no other people are believed to dwell on the island, wildlife is everywhere. Tigers, elephants and other animals which naturally could not be in the same geography populate this meager island. For protection the family builds a house in the trees so the animals can not get to them. The treehouse is truly an archetectural masterpiece complete with railings and all manner of fancy rope suspension methods. (The Swiss Family Robinson treehouse attraction is quite an adventure in Disney World and it is based on the one from the movie)

As the movie progresses the two eldest sons take a raft and travel around the island to survey things. They discover an old man and what they belief is a young boy which are being held hostage by pirates. The child is freed but the grandfather can not be because of a guard. Upon returning to the family for Christmas, information about the hostile pirates that captured the other island dwellers is discussed among the family men.

It is soon learned that what the Robinson's thought was a boy was in fact a girl. Rivalry between the two eldest sons for her attention commences. The family worries that more pirates may come to the island to retrieve the girl and go after whoever freed them.

The family begins building defenses around the island. Pits are dug, and booby traps of all sorts are created. Finally the pirates do come. Outnumbered by hundreds the Robinson family wins because of their wits. Instead of brawn they use strategy. A flag is hoisted overhead to signify the presence of the plague which scares the pirates off for a bit in one scene. Later the Robinson's grandfather arrives in his ship to rescue the Robinson's and scare off the pirates once and for all. Some of the Robinson's chose to stay on the island rather than go.

While a Disney style family movie, the movie nontheless presents a tale of survival, ingenuity, and family togetherness. The movie features streotypes and a good guy always triumphs mentality but in spite of this the movie is enjoyable and one of the best adventure movies of all time.

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