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Texas Chainsaw Massacre Movies

Part 1

A group of teens hear news about a canibol family that is eating human flesh and raiding grave yards. The group decides to investigate and travel in their van to check out their own grandfather's grave. The group consists of an obnoxious fellow in a wheel chair, a girl, and several others. Along the way the group picks up a hitchhiker that talks about his time working in a meat processing factory. He and his brother hit the cows in the head with sledgehammers to kill them. The hitchhiker cuts himself and then the wheelchair guy in the van and the group finally kicks the strange hitchhiker out. The hitchhiker wipes blood on the van and chants oddly at the van as it leaves. The teens go to a gas station in search of additional gas. The attentant tells them the station is all out of gas and is awaiting a tanker. The group ends up searching the woods and getting picked off one by one by a chainsaw wielding maniac. A female from the group finds a strange looking house in the middle of the woods and decides to pursue inside in search of help. She discovers a vast complex of bones both human and animal. Inside the house the great chainsaw family lives. The dad of the family is none other than the attendant from the gas station everyone was at earlier. The group also consists of Leatherface a man that wears a mask of human flesh, the crazed hitchhiker and grandpa, an old semi mummified figure that sits around the dinner table. The first movie of the Texas Chainsaw saga is the most realistic. People are chased through the woods at full speed with a chainsaw buzzing all the way. When it appears suspense is mounting for a great struggle, a mighty swing of a sledge hammer ends it. The movie launched the Chainsaw saga that is its own genre.

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Part 2

A female radio broadcaster plays a tape over the air that consists of people being murdered by the chainsaw canibol family. The family retaliates by sending Leatherface and his brother to stop the lady and find out what she knows. The lady ends up at the canibol familys latest hideout location. The chainsaw family consists of the father from the first film, Leatherface that wears a mask of human face, and his brother. A crazed Texas lawman pursues the family and goes after them with chainsaws of his own. Chainsaw versus chainsaw battle sequences commence. Chainsaw holsters, mini saws, and strange battle tactics are used by the lawman in his quest to rid the world of the canibol family. The female radio broadcaster is hidden and protected by Leatherface himself from his brother Choptop who has a metal plate in his head as a result of injuries in Vietnam..

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Part 3

A whole new Chainsaw family is presented in the third installment. A young couple on their way to Los Angeles stops for gas and ends up tangled up with a canibol family. The female member of the couple is captured and spends time in the canibol's home. She is nailed down but escapes and later encounters a survivalist type that battles Leatherface via a vareity of weapons. Chainsaw battles are launched via pickup trucks with some of the largest saws yet. Leatherface's saw has engraved on it "the saw is family" which reinforces one of the central themes of the Chainsaw saga.

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Part 4

Four teens crash their car and end up within reach of the chainsaw family. The four helpless teens include stars Renee Zellweger (girl from Jerry McGuire) and Mathew McConaughey. The movie was somewhat different than the first ones. The motivation of the crazed family in this movie is more superstitution in conspiracies than a desire to consume human flesh.

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