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The Devil's Advocate

To some people, lawyers have always been in line with the devil. But what if the Devil really used lawyers to achieve his ends? In The Devil's Advocate the devil does just that. He runs a major law firm that defends the worst form of villainy that one can imagine. The Devil is played by Al Pacino, although you really don't know he is the devil until later on. Keena Reeves plays a succesful criminal defense attorney working for Al Pacino's firm. He seems to never be able to lose; sometimes he wonders just why that is.

In the film's end Al Pacino brings together his son and another of his children, a daughter. He wishes them to breed; as their progeny would be the one who "sits at the head of all tables." also known as the antichrist. His son refuses and then returns to his life of law oblivious to his encounter with his father the devil. It seems that the Devil has all the time in the world, and again a plan to get his son to produce the antichrist is being hatched.

The movie features some great one liners. Al Pacino comments that when one looks at the bible one needs to look at its source first. The movie is one that people in the legal profession will find amusing as will people of any religious faith who live bound by logic and reason.

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