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The Edge

Sometimes there is more to life than just money or power. In the Edge one billionaire discovers that his lovely wife and his perfect dream life are simply not meant to be. The movie opens with an eccentric billionaire, Charles Morse (played by Anthony Hopkins) preparing to go on an outlandish trip to Alaska so that his beautiful wife can be photographed in style. When his wife is set up comfortably in a lodge, Charles decides to survey the area by air along with the photographer Bob Green he brought along played by Alex Baldwin.

Along the way their plane crashes killing the pilot and leaving Charles, his photographer, and a copilot stranded in the wild. The copilot dies shortly thereafter and Charles and the photographer Bob have to make it on their own depending on each other. Complicating matters is the fact that Bob has schemed with Charles's wife to kill Charles on this trip so that the two of them can be together. But nothing gets past Charles and he knows this.

In one scene Charles asks "so how are you planning on killing me?" Said in a calm tone it really show how Charles has an uncanny ability to see the big picture. Out in the wild neither man has a chance to worry about this petty detail at the present time.

As the pair becomes a team, Charles makes a compass out of a paper clip which he sets on a leaf in a stream to guide them. A bear stalks them and younger Bob can't decide what to do. Older experienced Charles crafts a large wooden stake and states they are going to stab the bear when it comes around. Charles exclaims "what one man can do another can do." Simple but yet eloquent, after all what other choice do they have other than just dying.

Ultimately the two ward off the bear although in many ways the bear is the hero of the film in some strange way. Charles and Bob learn about each other's approaches to life. The younger generation meets the older and they both end up a bit wiser for it.

In the end Charles survives, although Bob does not. Charles meets up with his wife and gives her something from Bob to say that old Charles knew just what was going on between them but saw no need to cause her to suffer anymore. Throughout the film despite the rivalry between Bob and Charles, their characters always spoke calmy and addressed each other by their first names. This is ironic considering how one schemes to kill the other.

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