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The Last Starfighter

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A battle for control of the universe occurs throughout the cosmos in places far from Earth. But on Earth in a small town a popualar video arcade game is being played by the locals.The purpose of this seemingly simple game is to find capable pilots to help defend the universe. The player who finally beats this game is offered a chance to fly a starship and defend the universe along with the Galactic Federation. Eventually this man turns the offer down, but after he realizes the devestation that will be brought to Earth should the Federation lose, he agrees to join their ranks. An android replicant is left behind to fill in for him in his absence. This earthling expects to be one of many defending the universe, but discovers that he will be piloting the last starfighter the federation has.

Training is brief to say the least, and then its off to defend the federation against hordes of enemy ships. In one attack maneuver the ships spends around rapidly firing in all directions. With attacks based on technique and skill rather than brute force, the human piloted last starfighter saves the universe and returns to a girlfriend and a world that welcomes him as a hero.

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