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The Matrix

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Imagine if life was a dream, and man was the dreamer. This is the concept that the Matrix takes to the maximum. On an Earth in the future all appears well and normal but to some, things are not right. To a handful it becomes apparent that the life that humanity knows is that of a computer simulation. The human mind is utilized as a generator of energy for a grand machine superstructure. Man is plugged in, sensations are projected in the mind in such a way as to make everything appear real. Every sensation, every lusting, every taste, every touch; its all made to feel real but in reality it isn't.

Keanu Reeves plays one man who wakes from this dream world. He is unplugged from his resting place where he was plugged into machine bred reality. But can anyone else wake from this false world of beauty rather than reality? Some the called "hackers" of humanity can break into this machine dream world at will. They can interact with men who are a part of this dream world. But lurking within the dream world are computer controlled "agents" that constantly monitor and eradicate the interventions of those that enter this world with the truth. Agents can do the impossible almost in this computer world. Their actions and abilities are only limited by the Matrix or the computer program that runs this dream state. Anyone absolutely at anytime can be converted into an agent as needed.

If someone dies in the dream world of the matrix then they die in reality as well. The body can not exist when the mind belives that it is dead. Keanu Reeves (who plays Neo, known to the machine agents as Mr Anderson) in one dramatic scene arives with a female who has hacked into the Matrix with him. They are in search of their former leader Morpheus who is in the Matrix as agents attempt to extract information from him.

The heros arrive at a major complex in the dream world of the Matrix. Guards are everywhere as are metal detectors. Guards run a metal detector over them and it goes off instantly. Keanu Reeves lifts his overcoat and reveals a multitude of weapons. Fighting his way in through hundreds of guards, kicking off walls and people. These real human beings in the Matrix have learned a bit about manipulating the programs the machines are controlled by.

In the movie's end agents are finally able to be killed and Keena Reeves realizes that he is the chosen one meant to awaken man from his dream state. Agents in the past attacked without fear, but now they run when the one they call "Mr Anderson" heads in their direction. The movie was rather cerebral but has a truly creative and unique storyline. The action sequences that defy gravity as well as the slow motion run sequences are cinematically spectacular. The movie does bear a slight resemblance to the animated anime movie Megazone 23 Part II, also known as Robotech the Movie. In this animated movie, a computer complex controls the earth which is in reality a giant spaceship. The people of this ship belive they are in deed on the Earth and that "aliens" are on their way to eradicate them. The aliens arriving are in fact the inhabitants of the actual Earth.

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