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There's Something About Mary

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Imagine growing up all your life wondering how your life would be different if just one embarassing moment could be changed. In There's Something about Mary, Ted Stroehmann lives a life just like this. He always wonders how things might have been different if he had actually acheived his dream girl Mary.

The movie begins with Ted and Mary in High School. Mary is the pretty, popular one that Ted secretly yearns for but feels he can never be worthy of. Mary has a brother Warren who has a mental retardation. Kids at school give him a hard time and always try to get Warren into trouble. Ted it seems is the only one that gets along with Warren. Ted gives Warren piggyback rides on his back and remembers most vividly that Warren does not like having his ears touched.

Mary finds Ted's connection with Warren interesting and appealing. Mary asks Ted to go to the prom with her which shocks the hell out of Ted but he agrees of course. On prom day Ted shows up to pick up Mary. He has to make a pitstop in the bathroom however. In there he is spotted in a most compromising position. He appears to be "pleasing himself" before his big date. After being spotted in this position he promtly zips his pants. The only problem is that he gets a personal area caught in the zipper. Mary's dad comes in and can't believe it. He has to invite everyone in to see the carnage. Eventually Ted is carried off in an ambulance and he misses his chance to go to the prom with Mary.

Years later Ted contemplates this moment and wonders just what has happend to Mary. He talks with a friend, Woogie who hires a private investigator, Pat Healy (Matt Dillon) to find out just what has happend to Mary. Along the way Pat discovers that he likes Mary too, so he lies about finding Mary to Ted.

Ted ultimately finds out about this and travels in search of Mary with his friend Woogie. Pat already is weasiling his way into Mary's life largely because of his survelliance and all the personal information he has gathered on Mary. Ted pretends to get along with Mary's dog, retarded brother, and her older neighbor Magda. Ted is eventually exposed for what he is. Another of Mary's friend's, Tucker who walks with crutches tells Mary that Pat is a criminal. Such is a blatant lie he tells in the hopes that he can get closer to Mary since he too has been faking his identity in the hopes of getting closer to her. Tucker it seems in reality is not crippled at all, as Pat soon discovers. Even a crazy ex boyfriend that Ted knows, Woogie, is going after Mary as is football great Brett Fahre.

In the end Mary has to choose her mate, will it be Ted the dreamer, Pat the investigator, her friend Tucker, Ted's crazy friend Woogie, or football legend Brett Fahre. Mary ultimately chooses Ted but not after much thought.

The movie was quite comedic at the beginning. Towards the end the plot becomes quite cerebral as many twists and turns are incorporated into the plot. All in all the movie while a romantic, comedy presents an inspiring tale of pursing ones dreams coupled with a thoughtprovoking ending.



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